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Standard Rooms

Every room features: private bathroom, hot shower, private terrace.


Duplex Room

Situated near our restaurant.  These rooms were built with wood and stones.  El Carmelo have 4 rooms.


Native Cabins

These cabins conserve the natural materials that domain our forest.  They were built with bamboo, palms and wood.  These cabins have a private bathroom and hot shower.


Superior Cabins

We have 6 superior cabins. All built with stones, and wood. They have a hot shower private bathroom. Very cozy and confortable rooms, ideal for a couples, who looks for a romantic and peaceful retreat.


Family Cabins

El Carmelo has 3 family cabins. Each one owns two floors, espacious living room, private bathroom and three different rooms. These cabins can lodge up to 6  people. Special designed for family members and groups.


Tree Houses

The first ones were built ten  years ago and they are still being our main atracctions.  Built on top of guayabo trees. Each one has a hot shower private bathroom and yes, all of these on top of a tree.  From here you have a beautiful view of the Mindo Valley and the rich vegetations that sourround these natural area.


Tree houses with jacuzzi

Yes, now we are proud to show our new attraction.  We just built our new tree houses with a jacuzzi.  Besides the hot shower private bathroom, now we put a extra feature.... a jacuzzi.   El Carmelo have only 4 of these cabins , and you can not  missed the experience of being our guest in this excelente new concept.